Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Summer Lovin'



Had the perfect beach day the other day with my sister and some of our homies. They're one of my favorite pairs of people to chill with, namely because they're sisters as well. It makes for the perfect dynamic. 

Food is always involved in our hang out sessions, however this time we chose a different route and walked the block or so down the street to the beach. Waikiki is a tough place to find a good spot on the beach, especially during the peak of summer. It's overcrowded with tourists' and locals alike. We were lucky to find some free space, away from the beach bums (literally....they live on the beach and jack your shit while you're in the water). 

Kaimana's is the spot we chose for our perch. Few tourists' venture that far down the Waikiki strip since it is a bit further from food stops and hotels. It's definitely worth the extra 5-10 minute walk. 

Free of bums and crowds, it caters mostly to the locals for their beach barbecues and kids for their body boarding needs. 

It lacks the "wall" that inner Waikiki provides, which means bigger waves (and on the downside, quite rocky in some places). 

However, it's perfect for tanning with the occasional dip in the water to cool off. 

I'm bummed to leave these ladies behind as I wander off on my travel adventure, but I always find myself back on da aina. 

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Storenvy Sundays

So, as my readers know, I already do "Etsy Finds Fridays" where I post interesting things I come across that week on Etsy. However, Storenvy has also become a favorite website of mine for me to sell on. It is actually the website that I host my new website on.

Anyways, it's a smaller community and I would like to add this to my weekly posts'. Let's get started!

Paper kitty provides stickers and pinback buttons of a large variety, including tv shows, movies, fun quotes, food, tumblr shenanigans, etc! Best of all, they are all really affordable! 
(pictures belong to their website)

Chawrry Love is a store that carries cute boho jewelry such as earrings, necklaces, ear cuffs, etc. Almost everything is under $20!

I've been drooling over almost everything in this store since I found it. Their clothes are very unique with a vintage boho twist. 

Check back weekly for more finds! Or share with me your favorite shops on Storenvy. :]

Friday, September 27, 2013

Etsy Finds Fridays - Boho Themed

I always find it so hard scrolling through Etsy to pick only 10 items to list on my weekly finds. So this week I'm trying something new....going with a theme! 
Boho fashion is very "in" right now and  it's always been something I follow due to my mom being very "boho". 

First on my list, are these vintage moccasins! I love moccasins because they go with almost anything. 

Speaking of shoes, how can you go wrong with Doc Martins. These aren't only "boho", but they can fit any fashion group. They go with literally anything. Prom dress, jeans, mini skirts, etc!

I think it's important for bags to be flexible in matching with many outfits. Who wants a bag that only goes with one outfit? 

Jewelry is a huge part of the boho fashion sense. This necklace embraces it, without being overly chunky or tacky. 

I love oversized shirts like this because you can wear them in so many ways. 

These pants are great, and not just for yoga. They feature a fun pattern so you can wear a plain shirt without looking like a plain jane. 

This necklace is simple and neutral in color but will add flair to any outfit!

The cold season is coming and this poncho cape is perfect for any outfit! Even if it covers up the outfit you so tediously planned, it won't look boring or clumpy. 

Kimonos are very hip right now and they transform an otherwise boring or simple outfit into something more profound and foreign. 

Another, cheaper option for kimono seekers!

Remember, send in your favorite shops or items that you find on Etsy for a feature!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

New Website!

I've been considering transferring my business to it's own website for quite some time. But I always came up with excuses: it's not successful enough, i'm too lazy, it costs' money, etc. 

Finally, this past month I re-considered the benefits of having my own website. For one, it was much easier to tell people "Fabric" as opposed to "fabric illusion . etsy . com" or whatever host website I was currently using. That was the second issue. I transferred hosts' many times. From storenvy to etsy, to bigcartel. With my own URL I can change whatever host I want without changing the URL. And lastly, I discovered that with the right host, it's not that expensive! I'm paying barely $10 a year. 

So now, It's finalized! Check out my new website. I'm still occasionally tweaking things. For now, I enjoy the sleek, simplicity of the theme I have chosen. 

Feedback and thoughts are always appreciated! 

Monday, April 15, 2013

Swirl Cookies: A Cookie Boutique in Hawaii

LOCATION: 421 Lewers St. (Unit 1), Honolulu, HI 96815
NAME: Swirl Cookies
PRICE RANGE: $1.50 per cookie and up
RATING: 4 out of 5 

This place was SO cute. I would never have found it if I didn't live in the area. It's hidden on a back street lodged in between some apartments down in Waikiki. The store itself was rather tiny, but very bright and inviting. As soon as you walk in you can see them baking the cookies. 

You can buy them for $1.50 per cookie, $9 for a small can, or $13 for a larger can. I bought the small can which comes with 5 cookies. You can buy the pre-boxed ones or you can choose which flavors you want. I chose: mint chocolate chip, vanilla/strawberry, and coffee. The vanilla/strawberry was my favorite. SO delicious! Not too sweet. These cookies are excellent with coffee. They're not chewy, or doughy, or crunchy. 


If you live in Hawaii or are in the area, definitely check it out! OR, they have the option to purchase online through their website. Let me know if you try them! :]

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Back To Life

Wow, it's been almost a whole year since I have updated! What a shame. I've been feeling a bit stressed lately, and I recalled how blogging helped me relieve stress in the past, so I've returned!

So much has changed since last year. How about a quick overview for my first post back?

  • Moved to Rochester, New York with my boyfriend. That's where his family lives
  • Enjoyed our time there, but found that Hawai'i was calling us back.
  • Moved back to Oahu after 7 months. 
  • Started working for Starbucks again.
  • Moved into Waikiki.
  • Started going back to college. (hatin it)
  • Re-gained my position as a Starbucks Supervisor.
  • Obtained our first "official" studio together! We've always rented rooms out of houses. 
It's been an interesting and adventurous 12 months! I feel like I've been working non-stop since I moved to New York and back. But my work is finally starting to show. Soon I will be able to take a break! 

Here's a list of some posts' I will be making in the near future for you guys to look forward to:
  • Swirl Cookies: A local cookie boutique in Waikiki
  • My trip to Big Island. Philip has never been to any other Hawaiian island until then!
  • My upcoming Vegas vacation
  • fun places to eat in Honolulu
  • And I'll be updating my 2013 goals, as well as my "about me" section!

Bye for now! Also, if you have ever been to Vegas, or live there, then let me know some fun things to do! 

Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Art of Moving

My garage, currently.
I am no stranger to moving. In fact, as a military brat since the age of conception, I have moved more times than I can count on my two hands. Every two years, just about, we pack up and migrate to the next location.

This is not even my first time moving alone, though! However, the first try was a disaster, set me back TONS of money, and landed me right back where I started. Moving overseas is a lot more work than moving across solid land. Let me give you some bullet points on how it went.
  • Brought WAY too much stuff to begin with, including my dog...not smart when you're staying with someone temporarily until you find a place to live. 
  • Didn't bring enough savings. 
  • Family ended up disliking my boyfriend and, in turn, kicked us out. 
  • Had no place to stay.
  • Had to spend money to fly back to Hawaii, along with dog, stuff, etc.
  • Hawai'i requires all animals flying in to be put in a very expensive quarantine for 3 months.
  • My puppy ended up breaking his leg in said quarantine and it "wasn't their fault".
  • Had to go  through the re-hire process at my old job. 
  • Luckily got our apartment back.
Grand Total (of money wasted/in debt): $10,000. (still paying that off >__>)


Another terrifying view. 
This time around, we are diminishing most of our belongings. All that crap that you see above, will eventually either be eliminated or packed into my two suitcases. If it can't fit, it's  most likely not going, save for a few books and my tattoo machine. 

I've already sold over 150 of my books. Just re-reading that literally makes me want to throw a temper tantrum but, no going back to move on!

This time, we are only traveling with our cat, and we are staying with his parents in Rochester, NY. AND Philip already has a job! We are much more on track this time. 
However, I'm taking a risk, as I'm only bringing enough money for a one way flight (you never know what might happen). 

Maybe not the smartest idea, but we are traveling much lighter and I have high hopes for this move!

We don't own a car, so this was how we migrated our boxes to the post office haha!! Good thing he skateboards. Six boxes of books may look like a lot, but if I hadn't sold those that I did, there would be at least 20. 

I move on May 1st. Who knows when posts' will regulate, but I'll try to blog in my free time! You never know how much you have to do until you're moving, though!